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It was a great hot week, just perfect for me to go hunting some fresh asses for you. And because in the summer, girls prefer wearing these loose skirts, perfect to be picked up, the park was the perfect place for me to look. And I brought more that one tonight as it was a great week. Just sit back and and watch the hot chick doing her thing and me picking under her skirt and catching that ass on the camera. Perfect ass for a perfect day. Just watch and drool!

As I said, I brought you more than one! The hottie over there is just one of them who had this great white dress perfect for what I need. She was taking a walk with her headphones on and she didn’t even noticed that I followed her. In some empty area I went closed and picked up her sexy skirt> she didn’t notice at all. So after I caught her sexy white thong exposed all over and and those sporty bums, I went further for another catch since I saw so many chicks in skirts. The second babe was even hotter than this one. She will sit all relaxed in the sun without even noticing that her panties are all out. She will flip and those round buttocks will be exposed, as well. If this wasn’t convincing enough for you, hit the link bellow and see exactly what I’m talking about! On our website you will find the entire scene. Enjoy it! 

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