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Flashing Ass

Hi there, my friends and welcome back! I know that you all are waiting for fresh asses flashed on our cameras for you. Well, I went hunting again and I found this hot chick in the mall last evening. She was all alone, so I knew she is the perfect catch. Her fine ass will be all over your screen in a couple of moments, so sit back there and just get ready for other flashing scene with round buttocks and panties exposed. Enjoy!

As I said, the babe was all alone and she was wearing this light white dress. You could see her panties thru that dress and that made me wanting so bad to pick the dress up. The moment she took the escalators I knew that was my chance, so I place myself right in her beck and gently I picked up her skirt. I was afraid that I might be caught, but the only persons who realized what I did there were these two young men who also enjoyed the view. So you should also make comfortable and enjoy her round buttocks, her tight thong and that pussy exposed for your viewing delight. Her cherry was sitting there looking like it is begging for some touching and those round buttocks made my mouth water. This one came out perfectly, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s enjoy a nice flashing as in the mall. See you all next week with more. Stay tuned!

flashing ass

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