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Colorful Skirt

Great week, ladies and gentlemen! It was a great week for all of us since we have some real of upskirt times for your viewing delight. First, I want you to enjoy this naughty chick who seemed to me that was in a good mood as she was wearing all pink, even her thong were pink. And we know that for a fact. Just hit that button and watch her round ass exposed in all it’s glory, her pink thong and her pussy covered with it. Great image!

colorful skirt

Anyway, the hot babe was in the metro and I followed her without anyone to realize that. That is the best part about following someone in the metro, no one will realize that. Anyway, at some point she had to take the escalators and I knew that is my moment. I was so lucky that no one was behind me and it was only a single escalator, so no one observed what I was doing there. So I picked up her skirt very slowly and I saw her pink thong and her round buttocks. Then I grabbed my camera just to caught that fine ass all over it, for your viewing delight. Just sit back there and enjoy her fine ass and her ink thong. Also, stay tuned for fresh content. See you next week with more. Have fun till then with our great collection of nice assed from under the skirts. Enjoy, you little perverts!

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